Are Cheap LiFePO4 Battery Cells available for Purchasing?
Are Cheap LiFePO4 Battery Cells available for Purchasing

Are Cheap LiFePO4 Battery Cells available for Purchasing?

It is a normal person’s choice to want to buy cheap LiFePO4 battery cells. It is a good idea to get a better LiFePO4 battery cell on the premise of saving costs, but there are some too cheap batteries that we should not purchase.

Why some LiFePO4 Battery Cells are extremely cheap?

Why some LiFePO4 Batteries are extremely cheap

Although cheap LiFePO4 battery cells are attractive, we need to be aware that there are some extremely cheap batteries that we should not purchase. If you often buy batteries, you will often find LiFePO4 battery cells¬†that are much lower than the market price on some shopping websites, and may even be half the market price. It may seem tempting, but there is no doubt that these are traps. Unscrupulous battery sellers will label faulty batteries as brand new and sell them to buyers who can’t resist the temptation.

Generally speaking, the reasons for the emergence of these too low-priced LiFePO4 batteries can be divided into the following categories:

1.  The battery is cut corners. Excessive cheapness means the lack of materials. This situation often occurs in some unknown small brands or counterfeit brands. The materials used for batteries are very important and will directly affect the usable capacity and safety performance. At present, the price of raw materials for lithium-ion batteries is relatively high, and it has been rising. The LiFePO4 battery cell, which is a lithium-ion battery, is no exception. In order to reduce the impact of rising raw material prices, the despicable method of cutting corners has become the first choice of some battery manufacturers.

2.  The capacity of the battery is false. Generally speaking, the higher the capacity of the battery, the higher the price. At present, some unscrupulous battery wholesalers will erase the capacity specifications of primary battery manufacturers and then carry out false capacity bids to sell higher prices. In this case, it is understandable that the so-called same capacity is much lower than the market price because those battery wholesalers just sell the lower capacity battery at a higher price.

3.  The battery is refurbished. Although LiFePO4 battery cell is a lithium-ion battery with long life, due to frequent man-made damage, some batteries will be scrapped early. Some unethical battery processing factories will recycle these batteries and treat them as Brand new batteries for wholesale sale. There is no doubt that the performance of a refurbished battery is simply not as good as a brand new battery, because the wear and tear of the electrodes is a significant factor and cannot be repaired.

4.  The battery is a factory defect. Even with the best technology and the most formal battery factory, there will inevitably be defective products in the production process. Generally speaking, these defective products will be destroyed by the battery factory, but under the operation of some illegal personnel, some defective products will still flow into the market, and some unethical battery wholesalers will sell them as Grade A LiFePO4 battery, and there is no doubt that these defective batteries are Grade B or even Grade C batteries, and many buyers are also deceived.

Can I get normal Cheap LiFePO4 Battery Cells?

Can I get normal Cheap LiFePO4 Batteries

Although many reasons for the so-called low-cost batteries are mentioned, normal low-cost LiFePO4 battery cells still exist, but very few. Currently, LiFePO4 batteries that are slightly below-market prices and can be purchased for use are for several reasons:

1.¬† The battery wholesaler is clearing the inventory. At present, the lithium battery industry is relatively volatile. Many famous battery manufacturers produce slightly different batteries every time, and they are constantly improving. Under this premise, some batteries with earlier production batches will become uncompetitive as consumers prefer to buy fresher batteries. If some of the older batteries have not been purchased, battery wholesalers will clean up the batteries at a relatively cheaper price. Don’t worry about the quality of these batteries, they are priced low simply because they are relatively old and the basic performance is consistent with the specs.

2.¬† The battery wholesaler is running a promotion. This is a typical business behavior, with small profits but quick turnover, which can earn customers’ word-of-mouth. It’s a very lucky thing to be in this situation.

3.  There is a problem with the operation of the battery wholesaler. In this case, there is a problem with the capital chain of the battery wholesaler. Due to the pressure of survival, they have to sell the products on sale. The probability of ordinary buyers encountering this situation is very small, but once they do, they must not miss it. , you can get a battery with superior performance at an extremely favorable price.


All in all, cheap¬†LiFePO4 battery cells¬†exist, but you must pay attention to screening when determining whether this kind of battery is worth buying, such as whether the battery is a big brand, whether the battery wholesaler is trustworthy, etc. Don’t be fooled by overly cheap LiFePO4 battery cells, which are likely to cost you money.

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