10A Active Balancer for Li-ion, Lipo, LiFePO4, LTO Batteries, 2S~24S

10A Active Balancer for Li-ion, Lipo, LiFePO4, LTO Batteries, 2S~24S


  • Support series 2s-24s, single voltage range 1v-5v, accuracy ± 5mv
  • Check the balance resistance and find the abnormal line contact in advance
  • It supports balanced cascading and is suitable for batteries above 24s. Theoretically, it can be cascaded infinitely
  • It supports Bluetooth communication and is equipped with mobile app to view the cell status in real time
  • All battery types are supported, such as Li ion, lipo, LiFePO4, LTO and other batteries
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◆Support 2~24 battery packs;
◆ Real-time, active, energy transfer balance, the voltage difference between the batteries after balance is ≤3mV;
◆ The battery voltage range is 1V~5V, and the accuracy is ±3mV;
◆ Support all battery types such as ternary, iron-lithium, lead-acid, super capacitor, etc.;
◆ Equilibrium current is independently set in the range of 10A, independent of battery pressure difference;
◆ Supports balanced cascading to be suitable for battery packs with more than 24 strings, theoretically unlimited cascading;
◆ Bluetooth communication function, equipped with APP, real-time check battery status;
◆ Balanced line resistance detection, find the abnormal poor contact in advance;
◆ The collection line and the balance are independent, to avoid the impact of the balanced high current on the collection during the balance;
◆ Power supply range: 40V~100V;
◆Low voltage shutdown function to prevent battery damage.

Use environmental conditions

◆Operating temperature range: -20℃~70℃;
◆ Power requirements: 40~100V, can use battery self-powered or external power supply.
◆ Power consumption: [email protected] in balanced state, [email protected] in unbalanced state.


The equalizer has electrostatic sensitive devices and needs anti-static protection.
If you need to operate the equalizer, please pay close attention to the following instructions:
1. Before touching PCB, operators must discharge static electricity and take anti-static measures;
2. The equalizer is not allowed to contact with electrical insulating materials, insulating desktop or clothes made of man-made fiber;
3. When welding on the equalizer, confirm that the electric Luo iron has been grounded;
4. if it is unavoidable to use non conductive containers, they must be packed with conductive materials before placing PCB, including conductive foam rubber or ordinary aluminum foil.


JK-B5A24S 10A Operation and maintenance manual of active equalizer

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