EnjoyCool LINK Portable Outdoor Air Conditioner, 700W 2380 BTU Cooling Fan, Low Noise, LED Control Panel - Yellow

EnjoyCool LINK Portable Outdoor Air Conditioner, 700W 2380 BTU Cooling Fan, Low Noise, LED Control Panel - Yellow


Powerful Heart】Panasonic micro rotary compressor is adopted, with powerful double cylinder design, so that the refrigeration capacity of EnjoyCool Link can reach 2380 TU/h, and fast cooling can be provided to 30-40 ° F within 10 minutes.
Arbitrary Switching】Link provides 4 functions including strong, cool, fan (3 levels) and sleep mode. The cooling mode and temperature can be monitored at any time through the LCD panel, just like common furniture appliances.
Charging Anywhere】Multiple charging methods include 100-240V household power supply, portable generator or 24V solar energy and truck charging. It also can be used together with an Add-On Battery to achieve a longer cooling time.
Portable & Quiet】The compact Link weighs only 6.5kg, at least 15% less than similar products. The handle design allows you to lift it anywhere with one hand! The working noise is reduced to 43db, and it will not be awakened by the noise even when you are sleeping.
Easy Installation】 just connect the hose connector and pipe matched with Link to start Link to provide you with cooling immediately, without additional purchase of pipes and redundant installation steps.
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Portable Battery-Powered Air Conditioner

There is no doubt that EnjoyCool Link is the best battery-powered portable AC for your outdoor endeavors.

EnjoyCool Link portable air conditioners can regulate the temperature in a room without consuming a lot of energy. Many holidaymakers want to cool their beds at night. EnjoyCool Link is the ideal choice.

With EnjoyCool Link, you can enjoy cool air anytime and anywhere. After all, it keeps the space cool despite the warm temperature. Not to mention, it is super lightweight and compact, which makes it easy to carry around. Equipped with ducts and windows, it is quick and easy to install the ventilation system quick and easy.


10 Mins Fast Cooling

Fast Cooling in 10 Minutes to 30-40F (Air Inlet VS Air Outlet*)

Within EnjoyCool Link, we have incorporated an innovative system to draw fresh air and release hot air efficiently. The system enables the air conditioner to work with high unit efficiency and optimal cooling power.

With 2380 Btu 700w higher cooling efficiency, you will be pleased to know that in just 10 minutes, the heavy-duty compressor of EnjoyCool Link can reduce the outlet air temperature to a significant extent.


Panasonic, Samsung and their Quality Guarantee

Powerful heart: The Panasonic mini-rotary compressor.

Why do we choose the Panasonic mini-rotary? As common knowledge, the compressor is the core and heart part of the Air conditioner unit, and there are quite a lot of AC types, which are not suitable for making a portable device.

Panasonic rotary compressors are highly appraised for their compactness and lightweight while being highly efficient. Panasonic’s highly reliable rotary compressor is famous in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration applications. This model especially uses Variable Speed functions.

Panasonic’s seven patent-protected 1P inverter compressors deliver fast cooling in less than 10 minutes.


Multi & Sustainable Charging


Easy To Carry

After several years of comprehensive research and development, we have managed to reduce the giant AC compressor to a tiny-sized compressor that you can carry anywhere. We have made EnjoyCool lightweight, super compact, and easy to carry around with you.


6.3KG Lightweight

The lightest portable air conditioner on the market incorporates a dual-pipe outdoor unit and has the highest cooling capacity for its size.

Smaller: at least 15% smaller than comparable products.



With the extraordinary portability, EnjoyCool Link portable AC was born for various outdoor events,  traveling, car camping, glamping, RVs, outdoor parties, vacation homes, and even cabins, any outdoor entertainment you can imagine.

EnjoyCool Link is particularly suitable for camping and other outdoor activities such as boat fishing, garage work, truck cockpit sleepover, and RV trailer. In simple words, the summers will be a lot cooler with EnjoyCool Link.


Why Choose Link?

“Details matter. It’s worth waiting to get it right” like Steve Jobs once said, EnjoyCool is on the way to making every component as flawless as possible.

Compared to other portable AC, EnjoyCool Link is not lightweight and compact but also robust and comprehensive.

Specification Comparisons

With a smooth and beautiful appearance, our team works to optimize the size of the product to the extreme 14lbs, while also having the best and most efficient.



What’s in the box?

Technical Specification

Link Air Conditioner

General Brand: EnjoyCool
Type: Air Conditioner
Model: Link
Color: Yellow
Specification Rated Voltage: 100-240V AC
Rated Frequency: 50-60Hz
Rated Power: 240W
Maximum Input Power: 330W
Application Area: 2-4 square meters
Cooling Capacity: Max 700w
Cooling Capacity/BTU: 2380BTU
Air Circulation: 140m³/h
Weight & Size Product Weight: 6.5kg
Package Weight: 10.2kg
Product Size(L x W x H): 528*248*258mm
Package Size(L x W x H): 607*330*378mm
Package Contents 1 x Link Air Conditioner
3 x Extension Pipe
1 x Drain Pipe
1 x Extension Pipe Connector
1 x Extension Connector
1 x Adapter
1 x Power Cord
1 x Remote Control
1 x User Manual


Add-On Battery

Model EnjoyCool Link Add-On Battery
Battery Type SAMSUNG 21700
Battery Chemistry Lithium-ion
Capacity 1022Wh
Recharge Time 5 Hours
DC Output USB*2
Type C*1



EnjoyCool LINK Portable Air Conditioner User Manual(EN)

EnjoyCool LINK Portable Air Conditioner User Manual(DE)


What will be in the package of EnjoyCool Link I received?

EnjoyCool Link Basic package includes the following:
3 x Extension Pipe
1 x Drain Pipe
1 x Extension Pipe Connector
1 x Extension Connector
1 x Adapter
1 x Power Cord
1 x Remote Control
1 x User Manual

*If you selected a Plus or Plus Extra option, you will receive one or two more Add On Batteries (depending on the package you purchase).

Does the Link have built-in battery?

Link does not have a built-in battery, and it can be directly used by plugging into the home or portable power stastion in general use. If you want to use the Link more freely, you can purchase an additional battery for use with it.

In what space does Link have the best cooling effect?

Link can be used in many types of spaces, such as home, tent, BBQ and field, but the effect is best within 2-4 square meters.

Which charging methods does Link support?

EnjoyCool Link supports a variety of charging methods, whether it is the wall and power station socket power at home, the car charger of the truck, the solar panel and the portable power station can provide the Link with battery life.

So you don’t have to worry about charging!

How do I use the Link with the Add-On Battery?

Just align the plug of the Add-On Battery with the connectorat the bottom of the Link, and use the adapter connect the Link and the Add-On Battery to complete the installation.

When the Link is working, how does it dissipate heat?

EnjoyCool Link is designed with dual hoses. One tube sucks in fresh air, the air passes through the condenser to become cold air, and the heat is discharged out of the machine through the other tube.

The hose and Link are separate when the Link package is received. Before use you need to perform a few simple installation steps. Once installed, place the two hoses outside a window, door or rent and enjoy the cooling.

Does the Link need water or ice to cool?

No need at all. The Link is like a small air conditioner, as long as the hose is placed outside where it can get fresh air and connected to a power sorce, it will work.

Can the length of the exhaust duct that comes with the Link be extended?

We do not recommend to lengthen the hose, it will lead to poor heat dissipation of the Link, resulting in machine failure, or even dangerous.


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EnjoyCool Link Installtion

About EnjoyCool

Founded in 2021, EnjoyCool is a high-tech enterprise focusing on portable off-grid air conditioners.

Adhering to the concept of “focusing on the life and dedicated to the products”, we continue to innovate and make breakthroughs in the field of portable off-grid air conditioners. We are committed to building the world’s first brand of portable off-grid air conditioners.

In the process of shaping the product image, Enjoycool adheres to the product idea of keeping pace with the times. In response to different market demands and social needs, In Enjoycool, we believe that quality, powerful functions, competitive advantages, responsibility, and serving society are the most essential five principles for an enterprise. That’s how we can keep bringing powerful and robust products.

Strive to be the first and be the only one. Under the vision of a century, Enjoycool strives to reach the pinnacle, which is unparalleled.

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