GoKWh 51.2V 20.4kWh LV Stack Battery Storage

GoKWh 51.2V 20.4kWh LV Stack Battery Storage


GO-BOX series has a baeutiful and stylish design, and can be placed in two ways: stacking and hanging on the wall. High performance operation with lithium battery. Hidden line design enhances security while beautifying the home. The three communication interfaces match the mainstream inverters on the market, providing you with the most convenient energy solution.

*The product on this page is sold in a stack of four battery modules, that means buying one battery pack can get 20.48kwh energy.

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Main Parameter

Model: GO-BOX-LV 20

Number of Battery Modules: 4

Cell Technology: Lithium-iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)

Nominal Energy: 20.4kWh

Usable Energy: 19.9kWh

Round-Trip Efficiency: 98%

Dimensions(L/W/H): 930*415*590mm

Weight: 260kg

Installation: Indoor, Stacking, Wall-Mounting

Warranty:10 Years


Each Battery Module Electrical Parameter

Nominal Voltage: 51.2V

Nominal Capacity: 100Ah

Max Charge Current: 100A

Max. Cont. Charge Current: 100A

Max Discharge Current: 100A

Max. Cont. Discharge Current: 100A

Operating Voltage Range: 51V~53V

Standard Charge Voltage: 57V

Discharge Cut-Off Voltage: 43.2V


General Parameter

Cycle Life: ≥6000 Times (80%DoD)

Service Life: 10 Years

Protection Rating: IP55

Display: SOC Status Indicator

Communication: RS485, RS232, CAN

Charge Temperature Range: 0℃~45℃

Discharge Temperature Range: -20℃~55℃

Storage Temperature Range: -10℃~50℃


Compatible Inverters:

SMA, Victron Energy, Deye, Goodwe, Growatt, Sermatec, etc.

* Compatible tests with different brands of inverter are continuously, updates will be periodically.




Hidden Circuit Design

No external wires required, improves home safety and beauty.

Flexible Placement

Two placement methods: stacking or wall-mounting.

Free Expansion

6 battery modules can be stacked, and up to 30kWh of power can be easily obtained.

High Security

Adopted the most stable and safe lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery.

Readily Available

Equipped with RS232, RS485 and CANbus communication interface, which can monitor the equipment information at anytime on the mobile phone or PC.


GO-BOX-LV 20.4-25.6-30.7 Stack Battery Storage Documents


1.What’s the battery capacity and power?

The reted capacity of each battery module of GO-BOX is 5kWh. Each group of batteries can be stacked up to 6 modules, and the capacity cab be expanded to 30kWh. It can meet the basic load of your family.


2.Do I need to maintain the energy storage system often?

Qualitative models usually require little maintenance, but you should have an expert check your energy storage equipment once a year.


3.What type of battery is used in GO-BOX Energy Storage System?

GO-BOX Energy Storage System uses is a only up-to date lithium-iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery with an extended life cycle, high stability and safety, And is very friendly to the environment.


4.How long does it take to charge GO-BOX Energy Storage System?

GO-BOX ESS can reach its optimum full charge in approx 2 hours.


5.Where can GO-BOX ESS be installed?

GO-BOX ESS can be installed at home by wall-mounting or stacking. The exquisite and simple appearance design will not break your existing home style. It can also be used as decoration at home.

Please follow our advice:

-Use GO-BOX away from children and pets

-Protect GO-BOX from water and dust – don’t place vases on your device! Choose a place with no sudden temperature changes to avoid water vapor condensation inside your GO- BOX. Don’t place flammable materials directly next to the device. Make sure the ventilation outlets are open, clean and at least 20 cm away from any other objects.

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