LifePO4 Smart BMS 24S 72V 30A-250A Common Port With Balance RS485 CAN

LifePO4 Smart BMS 24S 72V 30A-250A Common Port With Balance RS485 CAN


LiFePO4 Smart BMS can realize important functions such as real-time monitoring, automatic equalization, intelligent charge and discharge of batteries. While effectively ensuring the safety of the battery, it can monitor the remaining power of the battery. Improve battery utilization through effective battery management.

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intelligent control
LifePO4 Smart BMS can monitor and feed back battery capacity, voltage, temperature and battery parameters in real time

LifePO4 Smart BMS can actively balance the voltage and other states between single batteries to avoid overcharging and excessive heating of the battery.

LifePO4 Smart BMS is made of imported high-quality MOS and IC, and PCB is made of ESD conformal coating with high anti-corrosion, high water resistance and high impedance, so as to maintain the long-term service life of the battery.


12V 4S 30~250A BMS Pecifications



12V 4S 30~250A BMS Dimensions


LifePO4 Smart BMS are mainly used in li-ion power batteries and energy storage lithium vattery.Widely used in electric scooter,e-bike,tourist sightseeing vihide,electric tricycle,low speed ev,emegency UPS,solar street light,RV& Home energy storage ect.

12V 4S 30~250A BMS Applications 

Wire connection mode

12V 4S 30~250A BMS Wire connection mode

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