Should I make LiFePO4 Battery Compression?
Should I make LiFePO4 Battery Compression

Should I make LiFePO4 Battery Compression?

Do I need to do LiFePO4 battery compression? This is a question that many customers who have purchased LiFePO4 batteries will have. And recently, the momentum of DIY LiFePO4 batteries is very strong, more and more people are starting to join the ranks of DIY, and this problem is mentioned more and more times. Whether the battery is compressed or not will actually affect the service life and performance of the entire battery pack.

What is LiFePO4 Battery Compression?

What is LiFePO4 Battery Compression

LiFePO4 battery compression refers to the process of firmly combining multiple LiFePO4 battery cells together by various means, and battery manufacturers also call it battery fixture. This operation is mainly to prevent the internal components of the battery from delaminating and causing irreversible damage.

Since LiFePO4 cells are sold individually, and most people will buy several LiFePO4 cells for DIY, the operation of battery compression is also included in the consideration list of most people. At present, the production specifications of most LiFePO4 battery manufacturers do not clearly state whether battery compression is required, and of course, they do not tell you how to compress. But after many people’s tests and suggestions from relevant professionals, there is no doubt that LiFePO4 battery compression is the best choice.

How to do LiFePO4 Battery Compression?

How to do LiFePO4 Battery Compression

First of all, it is very important to do battery balancing first. After that, you need to prepare some tools that can be used for fixing, such as electrical tape, VHB tape, hose clamps. Then you need to prepare some insulating boards and thin sponges (1~2mm thickness). Then you need to arrange your LiFePO4 batteries in the way you want to connect, during this period, you need to put insulating sheets and thin sponges between each cell. The next step is to firmly bond the LiFePO4 cells together using the above-mentioned fixing tools and then start installing the busbars or wires. Once everything is done, place the entire battery pack into an appropriately sized insulated stand or insulated container for a final compression of the entire battery pack. According to this process, the LiFePO4 battery compression is completed. Of course, if you don’t have a suitably insulated bracket, you can make one yourself. You only need a simple plastic plate, studs, and nuts to complete a simple bracket.

What if I give up LiFePO4 Battery Compression?

What if I give up LiFePO4 Battery Compression

LiFePO4 battery compression is an operation to ensure that the battery pack can run for a long time. If LiFePO4 battery compression is not performed, there are 3 possible consequences, and all comes down to LiFePO4 battery swollen:

1.  Due to the lack of compression, some cells may appear swelling under the internal force caused by multiple charging and discharging, and the swelling may seriously affect the performance of the entire battery pack.

2.  Similarly, if the cell swells, the internal structure of the cell may also change to a certain extent, which will shorten the life of a single cell and affect the life of the entire battery pack.

3.  Due to the influence of the swell, the distance between each cell will become larger and larger, and the busbars of the battery will also be deformed due to the increase of the distance between the cells, thus affecting the normal operation of the battery pack. If the swell is serious, It may even damage the battery terminals.


LiFePO4 battery compression is an operation that should be done at the beginning of the purchase of the battery, and if the LiFePO4 battery pack after a period of use wants to make up for it, it is actually too late, because, after many charges and discharges, it may not be possible to intuitively It was found that the battery was different, but in fact, each battery cell was deformed to varying degrees, and it was no longer suitable for compression at this time. Therefore, LiFePO4 battery compression is a very important thing. Correct operation can make your battery stay with you for a longer time, and you can also get a better experience from it.

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  1. Mijn vraag is …wat moet de compressie-kracht zijn. Ik wil dit uitvoeren middels twee zijplaten ( 70×20 cm,) met 4 draadeinden. Om een vorm van stabiliteit te krijgen wil 4x trekveren toe passen. Tot nu heb ik waardes gezien van +/- 14 zon PSI. Reken ik dit om naar de kracht vd 4 trekstangen, dan kom ik op een trekkracht van 80kg per stang.
    Dit lijkt me té veel vh goede.
    Mijn vraag is waar zit fout ?

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