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What is REPT Battery Cell

What is REPT Battery Cell?

REPT Energy - Make a Cost-Effective Battery Cells

REPT Energy Co., Ltd.(REPT Energy) was established in 2017 and is one of companies invested by Tsingshan Industry (one of the Fortune Global 500 companies) in the sector of new energy by combining its own rich mineral resources in the world. 

REPT Energy is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales, from cells to system applications of power and energy storage lithium-ion battery, focusing on providing high-quality solutions for new energy vehicle power and smart energy storage system.

Backed by "Giant", Born "Extraordinary"

REPT Energy is backed by the world’s top 500 companies and has a “noble” background. Its parent company, Tsingshan Industry, is the world’s largest producer of stainless steel and ferronickel. Industrial bases are distributed in China, Indonesia, the United States, India, Zimbabwe and other parts of the world. The entire industrial chain of lithium batteries can be divided into upstream raw materials, positive electrode precursors, battery manufacturers, and vehicle manufacturers. Among the upstream raw materials, the rare metal nickel accounts for nearly 30% of the total battery cost, and high-nickel and ultra-high nickel batteries account for a higher proportion.

It can be said that whoever can get low-cost nickel will have the cost advantage of producing batteries. And REPT Energy’s parent company, Tsingshan Industry, is one of the world’s largest ferronickel producers. In 2018, 12% of the world’s ferronickel came from Qingshan’s overseas nickel mines. Because they have nickel in their hands, the global head anode precursor producers GEM, Zhongwei Co., Ltd., Huayou Cobalt, etc., all seek cooperation with Yongqing to supply nickel. Even REPT Energy’s giant rival, Ningde Times, seeks cooperation through subsidiaries. It cooperates.

Qingshan Group provides capital and industrial chain resources support, diversified R&D teams provide innovative technology support, and intelligent manufacturing automated production lines provide guarantees for large-scale production capacity and high-quality battery products. With the continuous enhancement of the overall line design capability of the battery cell system, the upstream and downstream drive product cost advantages are increasing.

Not the "Newcomer" of EV Battery

Although REPT Energy was established in 2017, it is not a newcomer to power batteries. Since 2008, REPT Energy has been cooperating with SAIC passenger cars to develop square aluminum-shell power batteries. So far, the development time on the lithium iron phosphate aluminum shell power battery has exceeded more than ten years, and it has a very deep background.

What is REPT Battery Cell?

REPT Energy’s battery cell design breaks through the traditional full-pole lug mode and multi-pole die-cutting design. From the comprehensive improvement of design, process and equipment, it has originally designed a safer and more consistent winding core.

The 280Ah/205Ah lithium iron phosphate battery developed by REPT Energy has a cycle life of 4000 times. It has been widely used in urban electric buses, electric forklifts, heavy trucks and other fields. The product cycle life will be upgraded to 6000 times in 2020, further improving the product’s Market Competitiveness.

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  1. Hi, I need some information. I bought 16 lifepo4 rept cells of 280 ah. the qr code doesn’t work. removing the black cover on the top I noticed that the original qr code is still deleted. May I know if this is normal? the seller told me that rept erases the original qr code. thank you

    1. Hi Andrea. You have bought used or B cells. This is very normal nowadays. The cells could be made by any producers, as this goes on with all the majors one. Regards, Roy.

    2. Please do you have distributors in china. I’m interested to buy the 280Ah battery for my solar and electric bus.

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