What's different between LiFePO4 100Ah and 100Ah?
What's different between LiFePO4 100Ah and 100Ah

What’s different between LiFePO4 100Ah and 100Ah?

Many people may wonder, aren’t LiFePO4 100Ah and 100Ah the same battery? Why is there a difference? In fact, according to the brand of the battery and some conditions, even the batteries with the same label LiFePO4 100Ah will have differences. These differences may be more or less, and may not even affect your use at all, but there is a certain understanding of this. These situations can help you escape some losses.

What is the effect of brand on LiFePO4 100Ah?

What is the effect of brand on LiFePO4 100Ah

The same 100Ah LiFePO4 battery may have certain differences under the dominance of different brands.

Although the manufacturing materials of LiFePO4 batteries are almost the same, differences in production processes and some improvements will make LiFePO4 batteries of different brands somewhat different. For example, some battery brands will add yttrium (Y) to LiFePO4 batteries, and some brands have relatively good manufacturing conditions. These differences will make the LiFePO4 battery even if the rated capacity is 100Ah, but it is actually about 10% higher than the rated capacity, which means that the performance of some excellent battery brands of LiFePO4 batteries will be better. In other words, these batteries will be better than some smaller brands of batteries at the same capacity. It also confirms that LiFePO4 100Ah and 100Ah are different.

Of course, some battery brands will also classify their own LiFePO4 100Ah. In one case, battery brands will be divided into two directions: power and energy storage. The energy density of LiFePO4 100Ah with better power performance will be higher, which may sacrifice some cycles; while the energy density of LiFePO4 100Ah with better energy storage performance will be slightly lower, but the relative number of cycles will be higher. So the LiFePO4 100Ah of the same brand may not be the same.

In addition, the technical upgrade of the battery brand itself will also lead to the difference of LiFePO4 100Ah. The LiFePO4 100Ah produced this year may be better than the LiFePO4 100Ah produced last year. There may also be some differences in the final LiFePO4 batteries due to different production lines.

What is the effect of External Conditions on LiFePO4 100Ah?

What is the effect of External Conditions on LiFePO4 100Ah

Some changes in external conditions will also cause LiFePO4 100Ah to be different from 100Ah.

Such as storage conditions. The LiFePO4 battery under reasonable storage can basically maintain the state of the original factory, but the performance of the LiFePO4 battery under unreasonable storage (such as low temperature or high/high humidity) may be reduced, which will lead to the same There will also be differences in LiFePO4 batteries in capacity.

Such as placement time. There is also a difference between LiFePO4 batteries stored for a short time and LiFePO4 batteries stored for a long time. Because over time, some changes may occur inside the battery, because the battery is actually undergoing chemical reactions all the time. If it is not used for a long time, the chemical substances inside the battery will change to a certain extent, thereby affecting the performance of the battery itself. . The end result is that a LiFePO4 battery stored for a short time will perform better than a LiFePO4 battery stored for a long time.

Such as shipping conditions. At present, the transportation of batteries is allowed by sea, land and air. Different transportation conditions may have a certain impact on batteries, not to mention special weather conditions. The performance of some affected LiFePO4 batteries will also be relatively weakened.


Of course, LiFePO4 100Ah is just a hot example, no matter what capacity there will be such a difference. When purchasing LiFePO4 batteries, you will find that the price of each battery supplier of the same capacity is different, which is one of the reasons for this phenomenon. The performance of LiFePO4 batteries in different states will be different, although they are marked. The capacity is the same.

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