About Battery Finds - Reputable LiFePO4 Battery Supplier

Make the world a greener place while also saving money.

About US

We are a Reputable LiFePO4 Battery Supplier

Battery Finds is a reputable LiFePO4 battery supplier. We distribute high-quality LiFePO4 cells, LTO cells, lithium-ion cells, and energy storage systems for DIYers, installers, homeowners, business owners, and consumers all over the world.

We partner directly with manufacturers and the largest distribution channels directly to offer CATL, EVE, Lishen, BYD, CALB, REPT, ETC, Ganfeng, ETP lithium-ion battery cells for less to our customers. The range covers rechargeable Li-ion LiFePO4 batteries from 25Ah to 500Ah.

All our batteries are subject to stringent quality controls throughout every step of the manufacturing and through to their final dispatch.

Whether you are an RV, EV, ESS, marine, or off-grid enthusiast, our batteries and components are built to help you DIY battery pack or DIY solar power system.

Our goal is to make a positive difference in the global power shift for a cleaner energy future. Make the world a greener place while also saving money.

We also Support your Great Projects

Although you are a beginner of LiFePO4 batteries, there is a lot of unknown knowledge after purchasing a battery. It doesn’t matter, Battery Finds will always help you. On the Blog, Battery Finds will continue to output articles that can help beginners with LiFePO4 batteries. In addition, you can also get more detailed guidance by consulting our online customer service.

Everyone’s project deserves to be taken seriously.

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