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LifePO4 bms 4S 12V 30A-250A Common Port With Balance


LiFePO4 4S 12V smart BMS can realize important functions such as real-time monitoring, automatic equalization and intelligent charge and discharge of the battery. While effectively ensuring the safety of the battery, it can monitor the remaining power of the battery. Through effective battery management, it can improve the endurance and power performance of electric vehicles.

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Model Name: Daly Smart 4S Lifepo4 BMS 30A~250A UART BT
Brand: for Daly
Suit for Battery Type: Lifepo4
Communication port: Bluetooth/UART
Discharge current: Continuous discharge current:30A 40A 60A or customized
Charge current: 15A 20A 30A (half of the discharge current)
Charge voltage: 14.6V
Communication Function: Bluetooth, equipped with mobile phone APP, support Android and IOS, real-time check battery status;
Working Temperature: -20℃~70℃
Internal resistance: ≤20mΩ
Self-consuming: Working current:≤10mA Sleep current:≤200uA


intelligent control
BMS can monitor and feed back battery capacity, voltage, temperature and battery parameters in real time。
During charging of lithium iron phosphate battery pack, BMS can actively balance the voltage and other states between single batteries to avoid overcharging and excessive heating of the battery

Strong performance
BMS is equipped with microcomputer (MCU) chip and MOS tube to improve the performance and guarantee of the product.


12V 4S 30~250A BMS Connection


BMS are mainly used in li-ion power batteries and energy storage lithium vattery.Widely used in electric scooter,e-bike,tourist sightseeing vihide,electric tricycle,low speed ev,emegency UPS,solar street light,RV & Home energy storage ect.

12V 4S 30~250A BMS Applications 


★I、Pls do not insert balance wires into BMS before connecting batteries,must make sure conne-
cting with batteries correct.
★II、The order of connecting wires for BMS
Notes: Pls ensure to use balancing wires from Daly!
1、From thin black balance wire to start, the 2nd wire(thin red wire) connect with the lst battery’s
positive pole. Then connect each cell’s positive pole in orderuntil the last one B+;
2、Do not insert the connector directly after the wires were connected.Measure the voltage betwe-
en two adjacent metal terminals on the backof the connector. If it is Li-ion battery, the voltage should be between 3.0~4.2V,Lifepo4 battery should be between 2.0~3.6V,and LTO battery s-hould be between 1.5~2.75V;
3、After the wiring sequence and voltage are confirmed to be correct, then insert into BMS;4、Adjust the multimeter to the buzzer position and measure the internal resistance between B-and P-when the internal resistance is 0, there will be a beep,which means that the BMS is good.Otherwise, do not weld the bms with battery. Pls contact with our customer severice for support.
5、The last step to connect B-(thick blue wire) with battery pack’s total negative pole. ★III、After wire connection:
Measure whether the B+and B-voltage and B+and P-voltage of the battery are equal,If yes, it means the BMS works normally and can be used.If not,please recheck according to the ab-ove wiring sequence.
★IV、If you have any other questions,pls contact our customers severice for us support.

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