Grade A CATL 271Ah LiFePO4 Battery Cells for DIY Project

CATL 271Ah LiFePO4 Battery Cells


Grade A brand new CATL 271Ah LiFePO4 battery cell offers ≥3500 cycles, high capacity and stable discharge voltage, perfect for EV, RV, boat, solar energy storage, and backup power systems, etc.

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Cell Brand: CATL
Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate(LiFePO4 or LFP)
Nominal Voltage: 3.2V
Operational Voltage: 2.5 V – 3.65 V
Nominal Capacity: 271Ah
Impedance (1KHz): ≤0.14±0.05mΩ
Weight: 5.47±0.3kg
Dimensions (mm): 207.3*173.6*71.57±0.8mm
Terminal: M6 Screw Hole
Residual Capacity loss: Per month ≤3.5%
Charging Temperature: 0℃~60℃
Discharging Temperature: -30℃~60℃

Product Application:
Electric vehicle, RV, electric bicycles/scooters, golf carts, boats, trolling Motor, off-gird solar energy storage, and ESS.

1. One Cell will come with one set busbar, bolt, and washer for free. (e.g. 4 Cells will come with 4 pcs(busbars + bolts + washers) .
2. Each cell shall be used under the strict monitor, control, and protection by the BMS.
3. Before the first use, always charge the cells to full voltage. | FAQ: LiFePO4 battery charging guide.
4. The battery is suitable for DIY lovers with experience.


CATL 271Ah LiFePO4 Cell Product Specification

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