4 Common high-quality LiFePO4 Brand Battery- PartⅡ
4 Common high quality LiFePO4 Brand Battery- Part Ⅱ

4 Common High-Quality LiFePO4 Brand Battery- PartⅡ

In the LiFePO4 Brand Part I, two popular brands, CATL and EVE, are introduced. In this Part II, we will continue to introduce 2 equally popular LiFePO4 brands, which are also welcomed by many DIY battery enthusiasts, namely Lishen and Rept.

Who's Lishen?

Who's Lishen


Lishen’s full name is Tianjin Lishen Battery Co., Ltd. It is a high-tech enterprise with the core technology of independent intellectual property rights, specializing in the research and development, production, and operation of lithium-ion battery technology. Although currently in the industry, Lishen’s reputation is far less than that of brands such as CATL, Lishen may be a brand with a long history.

Lishen was established in 1997 and is the first lithium-ion battery R&D and manufacturing enterprise in China. The current annual production capacity of lithium-ion batteries ranks at the forefront of the lithium battery industry in the international high-end market. At present, Lishen’s products include cylindrical, prismatic, and soft pack batteries, with a total of hundreds of models. Similarly, the main production batteries also revolve around ternary lithium batteries and LiFePO4 batteries, so the application scenarios of the Lishen battery can cover from portable mobile electronic devices to electric vehicles, wind, and solar power generation, energy storage systems, and other fields.

Why Lishen Battery?

Why Lishen Battery

Image: Lishen

Lishen batteries are actually more similar to EVE batteries, and the route taken is the price advantage. Currently, the Lishen battery is one of the most cost-effective batteries. For example, under the same capacity specification, Lishen batteries can be about 10~20 US dollars cheaper than other batteries, but the quality and performance may not be so good, but the high-cost performance is the temptation that all consumers cannot give up.

But adopting a cost-effective strategy does not mean that the Lishen battery is not capable of developing high-performance batteries. As of the end of 2020, Lishen has industry-leading core technologies and independent intellectual property rights, 2,949 nationally authorized patents, the only national lithium-ion power battery engineering technology research center in the domestic lithium battery industry, and the first UL witness test experiment in the domestic battery industry Laboratory, nationally recognized enterprise technology center, post-doctoral research mobile workstation.

Under this premise, Lishen’s research and development technology cannot be doubted. This means that Lishen is not a company without technology, but Lishen has chosen a different market route from other battery manufacturers. It can make powerful batteries, but it hopes to provide more suitable battery products for people with insufficient budget.

So, if you don’t need too much battery performance and your budget is a little short, Lishen battery will be one of your best choices.

Who's Rept?

Who's Rept

Image: Rept

Rept, or Ruipu Energy Co., Ltd., was established in 2017 and is a very young company. Ruipu Energy is mainly engaged in the research and development, production, and sales of power/energy storage lithium-ion battery cells to system applications, focusing on providing high-quality solutions for power equipment. At present, it is mainly engaged in prismatic aluminum shell ternary lithium battery and lithium iron phosphate battery. The technical strength of its products has reached the forefront of the domestic industry. The product application fields cover passenger cars, commercial vehicles, special vehicles, industrial vehicles, and other power fields. In addition, there are also energy storage fields such as solar energy, water power, wind energy storage, and backup power supply.

Why Rept Battery?

Why Rept Battery

Image: Rept

Rept batteries are also divided into two types, ternary lithium batteries and LiFePO4 batteries, which are also the research directions of every lithium battery manufacturer. However, the Rept battery is a little different from other brands of batteries. They prefer to develop batteries rather than battery sales.

Rept is the first company in the lithium battery industry to achieve a LiFePO4 battery with an energy density of 180Wh/kg and mass-produce it and is currently developing an all-weather LiFePO4 battery, which reportedly can be charged normally at -20°C, and normal discharge at -30°C ~ 80°C, in addition to relatively good cycle life and safety. At present, Rept batteries are used in some well-known Chinese car companies, such as Wuling and Dongfeng. At present, Rept is still a very young company, but the strength it has shown since its establishment shows that Rept is not an ordinary company. There is reason to believe that Rept will be a research and development giant in the lithium battery industry in the future.

Although the Rept battery is not the top battery or the most cost-effective battery, it still relies on a good reputation and a better manufacturing level to enter the equipment of many LiFePO4 battery DIY enthusiasts. The most prominent benefit of the Rept battery is reliability, they are better quality than many other LiFePO4 batteries.


Lishen battery and Rept battery are both great batteries, and the Top 10 LiFePO4 brand of China’s lithium-ion industry include them. However, it is most important to choose a battery according to your actual needs.

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