Choosing the Right LiFePo4 Battery Power Your Trolling Motor[Size Recommend]
Choosing the Right LiFePo4 Battery Power Your Trolling Motor[Size Recommend]

Choosing the Right LiFePo4 Battery Power Your Trolling Motor[Size Recommend]

Trolling motors are an essential piece of equipment for any serious angler. They allow you to precisely control the positioning and movement of your boat, which leads to more productive fishing. Most trolling motors run off a 12V or 24V battery system. While traditional lead-acid batteries can provide power, the newer lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4) batteries offer some key advantages for powering your trolling motor. In this article, we’ll provide size recommendations to help you choose the right LiFePo4 battery for your specific trolling motor.

Advantages of LiFePo4 Batteries

Compared to lead-acid batteries, LiFePo4 batteries are:

– Lighter weight – This allows for easier transport and installation. A LiFePo4 battery can weigh 60% less than a comparable lead-acid battery.

– Longer lasting – LiFePo4 batteries provide more cycles. You can expect over 2000 cycles compared to 300-400 cycles from a lead-acid.

– Faster charging – LiFePo4 batteries can be charged much faster and hold their charge better when not in use.

– Better performance – They deliver consistent power output, even in cold weather. Lead-acid batteries struggle in cold conditions.

– Safer – With no risk of dangerous lead and acid leaks. LiFePo4 batteries are much safer.

LiFePo4 Battery Sizing Recommendations

When sizing your LiFePo4 battery, you need to consider your motor’s power requirements and how long you need to run it. Here are some general recommendations:

– 12V, 30-50 lb thrust trolling motor – Go with a 100Ah battery or larger to get 4+ hours of runtime. Popular options are 100Ah or 110Ah batteries.

– 12V, 50-80 lb thrust trolling motor – Choose a 130Ah+ sized LiFePo4 battery for 4+ hours of power. 140-150Ah is ideal for all-day fishing runtime.

– 24V, 70-100 lb thrust trolling motor – Two 100Ah LiFePo4 batteries wired in series will give plenty of juice for a full day on the water. Go even larger if you need more time between charges.

– 24V, 100-120 lb thrust trolling motor – For the big motors, you’ll want at least 200Ah capacity. Two 140Ah batteries in series is a good combination.

Make sure to choose a LiFePo4 battery from a reputable brand like GoKWh. Avoid cheaper no-name batteries that may underperform or be unsafe. Investing in a quality LiFePo4 battery will give you reliable power for seasons to come.


Upgrading to a LiFePo4 battery is one of the best ways to enhance your trolling motor and maximize your fishing time. Follow the sizing recommendations above to get a battery that delivers ample runtime for the long hauls. With the right LiFePo4 powering your motor, you’ll have an efficient, high-tech system to explore more waters and catch more fish.

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