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How to Select the Right Bus Bars for Battery Pack

How to Select the Right Bus Bars for Battery Pack?

You need to use match wide, long, and thick busbars and better busbars surface plated in either tin or silver to match the performance of the battery pack’s internal bus bars. To overperform the internal bus bars would just be wasteful.

What Are Busbar Connectors?

A bus bar (also known as busbar) is a strip or bar of conductive metal used for short-distance high current power distribution. 

Bus bar connectors are typically a strip, a bar or sometimes a tube made of copper, brass or aluminum optimized for current requirements and performance specifications. 

Bus bars efficiently handle high electrical current, dissipate heat, and allow multiple connections on a single bar. These bars can take many different forms for a variety of applications. 

Bus bar is highly regarded because of its flexibility, safety, and ability to reduce costs.

Laminated busbars typically consist of copper or aluminum conductors, which may or may not be plated with an additional conductive metal, such as silver or gold. Busbars can be fabricated in a variety of shapes, including flat strips, solid rods and hollow tubes, with flat or hollow forms generally preferred for high-current applications.

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