What Are Real Portable Air Conditioners and How Do They Work?
What Are Real Portable AC How Do They Work

What Are Real Portable Air Conditioners and How Do They Work?

There are plenty of air conditioners on the market, and there are all kinds of portable air conditioners, so why do we need another kind of so-called portable air conditioner?

What Are Real Portable Air Conditioners?

Traditional air conditioners are designed for fixed spaces and need to be installed in a fixed location. Even for those mobile air conditioners for home use, they are heavy and not easy to carry outside.
Most importantly, they would require a home AC 110-240V, which is beyond the practical range of outdoor applications. That’s why EnjoyCool solved these problems to make the air conditioner truly portable for outdoor use.

EnjoyCool LINK portable air conditioner for camping

Are you looking for an air conditioner that can keep you cool wherever you go? The EnjoyCool LINK Portable Outdoor Air Conditioner is the perfect solution for your outdoor cooling needs.

  • Powerful and Portable: With an advanced inverter compressor, the EnjoyCool LINK can lower temperatures by up to 20°C in just 10 minutes. Yet it weighs only 6.5kg, light enough to carry anywhere.
  • Rechargeable Battery Base: The built-in Samsung battery provides 5-8 hours of power. You can also recharge it via AC, car charger or portable charger for endless cooling on the go.
  • Versatile Usage: Use it in your tent, RV, camper van or any small space. With 3 fan speeds and modes, get the desired cooling for any outdoor or emergency situation.
  • Eco-Friendly Refrigerant: The CFC-free refrigerant is harmless to the environment. No need for additional ice or water to operate.
  • Ultra-Quiet: As quiet as 45dB, the LINK lets you sleep soundly through the night without noisy disturbances.

How Does EnjoyCool LINK Portable Air Conditioner Work?

It utilizes highly efficient compressor refrigeration technology to draw hot air from the surrounding area into the unit, where the air is cooled and dehumidified.

EnjoyCool Outdoor Portable Air Conditioner Structure and how it work

Portable Air Conditioner Efficiency

EnjoyCool Link air conditioner features a cooling capacity of 2380 BTU, 140m3/h air circulation, and a LED control panel that can display the temperature. Thus, it is perfect for RV trips, barbecues and family gatherings on a hot summer day.

240W low power consumption and fast cooling capacity, while being energy-saving and efficient. The working noise is less than 46db, quiet and comfortable.

EnjoyCool Outdoor Portable Air Conditioner Structure

Instructional Videos

Unboxing and Setup EnjoyCool LINK Portable Outdoor Air Conditioner

Frequently Asked Questions About Portable Air Conditioners

You may still have some questions left in your mind that need more clarification. Read on to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about portable air conditioning units to help you make the final decision.

Are Portable Air Conditioners Noisy?

Like many appliances, a portable A/C features a compressor motor and a fan, so it will make some sound while running. Factors like fan speed and decibel rating will make a difference, but on the whole they’re designed to be suitable for small spaces.

Enjoycool portyable air conditioner quite design

Why Do Portable Air Conditioners Drip Water?

During the cooling process, water is extracted from the air in the form of condensation. The collected condensate water is drained from the unit for maximum efficiency and performance.

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